cross [krôs, kräs]
[< ME cros & crois; cros < OE cros & ON kross, both < OIr cros < L crux (gen. crucis), a cross < IE * kreuk-, extension of base * (s)ker-, to turn, bend > L curvus; ME crois < OFr < L crux]
1. an upright post with a bar across it near the top, to which the ancient Romans fastened convicted persons to die
2. a representation or figure of a cross, used as a badge, decoration, etc.; also, such a badge, decoration, etc. [the Distinguished Service Cross]
3. a monument in the form of a cross, or with a cross on it, marking a crossroad, boundary, grave, etc.
4. a staff with a cross at the top, carried before an archbishop as a sign of his authority
a) a representation of a cross, in any of various recognized forms, as a symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus, hence of the Christian religion
b) a crucifix
a) the act of crossing, as from one side of a stage to the other
b) the act of crossing oneself
7. any trouble or affliction that one has to bear; also, anything that thwarts or frustrates
8. any design, mark, or object made by two lines or surfaces that intersect one another
9. such a mark (X) made as a signature, as by a person who cannot write
a) a crossing, or mixing, of varieties or breeds; hybridization
b) the result of such mixing; hybrid
11. something that combines the qualities of two different things or types
12. Slang a dishonest action, fixed contest or match, etc.
13. Boxing a blow delivered over and across the opponent's lead
14. [C-] Northern Cross
15. [C-] Southern Cross
1. to make the sign of the cross over or upon
2. to place across or crosswise [cross your fingers]
3. to lie or cut across; intersect [where two streets cross one another]
4. to draw or put a line or lines across [cross your t's]
5. to pass over; go from one side to the other of; go across [to cross the ocean]
6. to carry or lead across
7. to extend or reach across [the bridge crosses a river]
8. to meet and pass (each other)
9. to bring into contact, causing electrical interference [the wires were crossed]
10. to go counter to; thwart; oppose
11. to interbreed (animals or plants); breed (an individual of one type) with one of another; hybridize; cross-fertilize
1. to lie across; intersect
2. to go or extend from one side to the other: often with over
3. to pass each other while moving in opposite directions
4. to interbreed; hybridize; cross-fertilize
1. lying or passing across or through; transverse; crossing or crossed [cross street, cross ventilation]
2. going counter; contrary; opposed [at cross purposes]
3. irritated or irritable; ill-tempered
4. involving reciprocal actions, etc.
5. of mixed variety or breed; hybrid; crossbred
6. Archaic causing harm; unfavorable
cross off or cross out
to cancel by or as by drawing lines across
cross oneself
to outline the form of a cross as a Christian religious act by moving the hand from the forehead to the breast and then from one shoulder to the other
cross one's fingers
to cross one finger over another of the same hand: superstitiously believed to bring good luck or mitigate the wrong of telling a half-truth
cross one's heart
to make the sign of the cross over one's heart as a token that one is telling the truth
cross someone's mind
to come suddenly or briefly to someone's mind
cross someone's palm
to pay someone money, esp. as a bribe
cross someone's path
to meet someone unexpectedly
cross up
1. to confuse or disorder
2. to deceive, or double-cross
the Cross
1. the cross on which Jesus was put to death
2. the suffering and death or Atonement of Jesus
3. Christianity or Christendom
a) the constellation Crux
b) the constellation Cygnus

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